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In our ongoing series “Your Guide to Caribbean Cuisine,” we’ve been taking a closer look at some of the countries that have influenced the menu in our Caribbean restaurant in Sandy Springs. We’ve explored Aruba, Cuba, and Haiti, and today we’ll explore the flavors of Puerto Rico!

Appetizer_3Discover Puerto Rico

A Quick History of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico was yet another island snatched up by Christopher Columbus during his late 1490’s voyages for Spain. Before that, though, it had been home to Ortoiroid peoples and Arawak Indian tribes for thousands of years. After Columbus’ arrival, the island became a major stop for ships going from Europe to the Caribbean and on to South America. It wasn’t until 1898 that the island became a commonwealth of the United States, by which time it’s Spanish roots had been firmly ingrained into the people and the culture.

The Flavors of Puerto Rico

Because of the country’s close ties to Spain, you’ll find a great deal of Spanish influence in the cuisine in Puerto Rico, but it definitely has it’s own unique twist thanks to influences from Africa and its own native cultures. Chicken is the favorite meat of Puerto Rico, and they find endless delicious ways to prepare it. You’ll find peppers, onions, and tomatoes in many of the recipes as well. One favorite dish of the country is called asopao, which is a sort of gumbo made with rice, chicken, and shellfish.

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Our Caribbean restaurant in Sandy Springs has been influenced by the amazing flavors of Puerto Rico! Make a reservation tonight and come and enjoy some of our favorites. We’ve taken many traditional Caribbean dishes and given them our own updated twist. Call us to reserve your table tonight!

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