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We’re continuing our series looking at some of the cultures that help make up the flavor profile of Caribbean cuisine. In previous posts, we took at look at both Aruba and Cuba and their influence on our Caribbean restaurant in Sandy Springs. Today, we’ll explore Cuba’s neighbor, Haiti.

Appetizer_2Discover Haiti!

A Brief History of Haiti

Haiti was originally inhabited by Arawak migrants that came from South America, and by the time Columbus came along it had been divided into five chiefdoms. Columbus claimed the island for the Spanish crown in 1492, naming it Hispaniola. The island would eventually evolve into two different countries, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, but not until centuries of war over the territory during which France, Spain, and the United States would all make claims on the island.

The Flavors of Haiti

The cuisine of Haiti is heavily influenced by two cultures that made a claim on the island, Spain and France. You’ll find many dishes that use rice and beans as a base and combine it with flavorful meats including goat, chicken, and fish. Griyo is the national dish of Haiti; this fried pork dish is often served on a bed of cabbage salad. Haitian food is full of flavor without relying heavily on hot spices.

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Interested in discovering some of the flavors of Haiti for yourself? Make a reservation with our Caribbean restaurant in Sandy Springs tonight! Our menu is influenced by many of the flavors of Haitian cuisine, giving them an updated flavor that you are sure to love. Have dinner at Chef Rob’s tonight!


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