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This is our blog series taking a closer look at some of the sub-cuisines that help to make up the incredible flavor profiles of Caribbean cuisine. You’ll find influences of all of these places in our Caribbean restaurant in Sandy Beach! In our previous blog, we learned a little more about Aruba. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the nation of Cuba.

Entree_1Discover Cuban Cuisine!

A Brief History of Cuba

Cuba was home to a number of cultures before the arrival of Christopher Columbus, but that’s when this island’s turbulent history really began. Columbus made the island a colony of Spain, after which it would pass back and forth between Spanish and English rule until it battled and won its independence in the first years of the 20th Century. The island remains fiercely independent to this day!

The Flavors of Cuba

The flavor profile of Cuban cuisine borrows heavily from its Spanish past, but you’ll find influences from Africa and Native American cultures as well. You’ll find a lot of garlic and oregano in many Cuban dishes. The national dish of Cuba is ropa vieja, which literally translates to the very unappetizing sounding name of “old clothes.” Thankfully, you won’t find any old clothes in the actual dish, and instead, a hearty mixture of shredded beef in a tomato-based sauce with plenty of spices and served over a bed of rice.

Try These Flavors in Our Caribbean Restaurant

We’ve incorporated many of the flavors of Cuba into the dishes of our Caribbean restaurant in Sandy Springs, giving these old-world dishes a new update that you’ll love. Make a reservation with us tonight and experience them for yourself!

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