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In this series, we’ll take a closer look at some of the sub-cuisines that make up Caribbean foods. In a previous blog post, we touched on many of these incredible places and their foods, but now let’s take an in-depth look at a few, starting with Aruba.

Caribbean cuisineDiscover Aruba!

A Brief History of Aruba

Like most places, to understand the cuisine of Aruba you’ll need to know a little bit about its history. Aruba was originally settled by an Arawak tribe, but in later years would be passed back and forth between the British and Dutch empires. Because of it’s important location as a shipping and trading route, the makeup of people on the island has been quite diverse from the beginning, and includes people from South America, Asian, Europe, and other Caribbean countries, all of whom have influenced the cuisine.

The Flavors of Aruba

Thanks to its diverse population, the flavors of Aruban cuisine are varied and unique. You’ll find influences from French, Dutch, African, Spanish and even Chinese cooking in various Aruban dishes. One dish you’ll find on many Aruban tables is Keshi Yena, a chicken dish that’s baked in a cheese shell with a mixture of peppers, capers, and spices. Like many Caribbean countries, you’ll find plenty of seafood on the Aruban menu, too!

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